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In the weekend of June 20th/21st EdinburghApps, Code the City and Aberdeen City Council are hosting a shared hack weekend, based at the School of Informatics, Edinburgh University.

This hack weekend focuses on our environment. Environment can cover a widespread range of topics – from transport issues and waste handling to energy, noise and nature.

Edinburgh Council is putting forward a few challenges:

On ‘green’ environment:

  • how do we gather more biodiversity data – we want to crowd source and track wildlife in Edinburgh through each month of the year
  • creating an album of images of the floral meadows
  • ‘spot it’ of plant species from the floral meadows for schools


  • Lunchtime Litter – how can we prevent students (particularly from secondary schools) from dropping their lunchtime litter every day?
  • Flytipping in remote/ isolated areas – what can we do to prevent this from happening? Consider education, infrastructure and enforcement options for this challenge.
  • Overflowing bins/ dropped litter generally – how do we point members of the public towards their nearest bin?

Over the weekend you will help to deliver prototype services to assist our communities in accessing existing services, and help the creation of new services. These will be websites, web apps and more. With access to exciting technology and data, and supported by experts in various fields, this is an excellent opportunity to work closely with an enthusiastic team on problems that matter.

Who should come?

We don’t just need coders – we need designers, writers, service providers, community members, and anyone interested in getting involved in improving Edinburgh. Anyone with enthusiasm and a willingness to experiment and listen to new ideas.

What languages/platforms do I need?

If you’re a coder then whatever language you know, and whichever platforms you work with – you’ll find a way to contribute to this weekend. We often find that simple html and css are the most important skills on the day. If you have API skills and can work with open data you’ll be in great demand.

What do I need to bring?

If you plan to code or write/design on the weekend please bring a laptop with a suitable development environment and don’t forget your power supply!

If you are coming as a non coder, whatever you use to capture ideas – and we will have all the usual paper, pens and post-its!

What will we provide?

  • Food and beverages to keep you going during the event
  • Possible ideas to get you started
  • Facilitators to help you form teams and aid your work

About EdinburghApps

EdinburghApps is a civic challenge programme developed by the City of Edinburgh Council. Every year it offers teams the opportunity to put forward proposals to city challenges, and winners the opportunity to develop products with the Council.

About Code the City

At Code the City you’ll find a passionate group of volunteers to build new tools and services to help people in your community access existing services and even start new ones.

Code the City focuses on some key areas:

  • Achieving social good
  • Improving local services
  • Sharing skills and knowledge across disciplines
  • Using and creating open data and Open Government Data (OGD)
  • Open source
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