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The Council has been invited by Edinburgh Prewired, a coding club for young people,  to provide challenges and related data and take part in the week long annual and national competition run by Young Rewired State.  Around 20 young people have signed up to take part in this event, which begins locally but then moves to Birmingham.  It will be very exciting to see what they develop over the week.

Challenges being put forward:

Help reduce litter in Edinburgh – how can we make the city a tidier and cleaner place for everyone?  Can we encourage everyone to remember to deposit litter thoughtfully? Can we provide containers that attract people or offer some reward ? Help us make the city litter free!

We want to find out about species who visit or live in Edinburgh! We have lots of birds who stop off on their way elsewhere or live here, as well as animals and insects. We want to gather as much data as possible over the year to see who is where in the city, and help share this with everyone who is interested. How can we get everyone to track species? How do we find data that’s already out there? Can we devise a ‘spot it’ of plant species from the floral meadows ?

Create a Bee highway – this aims to give the insects a safe passage through the city, lined with relays providing food and shelter – the first such system in the world, according to the organisers. Can we map the best places in the city for bees and how do we do this?

Greyfriars Bobby is one of the most visited statues in Edinburgh. But visitors tend to look at the statue, go to the Church Yard and then go on somewhere else.  The Libraries developed a GFB trail and when the leaflet was printed they couldn’t get enough of them.  The Libraries also built a site, Our Town Stories, which has the trail, with supporting images and information.  They also have an online exhibition in Capital Collections. It would be great to bring together these elements so that visitors could have a new way of learning the GFB story and seeing other parts of old town Edinburgh.

Talk to the Trees – we have mapped all the public trees in the city.  In doing so we had to assign each of them an individual tree ID. Can we build something that will let people find local trees, like them and email the Council if they see any issues?  Can we produce a map that allows people to find particular types of trees?

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