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As part of EdinburghApps 2014 we held a Road Safety hackathon in June 2014. The speaker from our Streets Ahead team highlighted the high risk to the 11 – 14 year old age group with accidents on roads. The team wanted to see if those taking part could come up with new and innovative ways to tackle this issue.

Ideas were judged on the following criteria –

  1. Quality of idea (originality& Innovation)
  2. Quality of Approach (design/usability)
  3. Benefits for citizens/businesses or visitors
  4. Potential for implementation
  5. Quality of pitch
  6. Quality of working

Some really great ideas came out of this event and people were really interested in the issues the Council and indeed the City is facing with pedestrian safety and how we can make the city safer.

Team 1 – this was to produce a game app, rewarding users for choosing to cross at a pedestrian crossing and crossing on green. The concept included the idea of finding businesses in the city to offer award points or deals to encourage use. The app would also take into account weather and how traffic are behaving, as well as helping to educate users on good road safety behaviour.

Team 2 used our data to create a map of reported accidents and collate these into a visualisation and then a prototype which helped you decide where to cross. The location was picked up by geo-location and using road accident data would turn red or green depending on the safety of that crossing. You could consider adding more information onto the map to tell you about the level of accident which had happened here- serious, minor/ fatal, and it was suggested that you could expand the data by asking users to ‘rate’ their crossing.

Team 3 – this team included a designer who suggested environmental ideas to encourage people to use pedestrian crossings such as making them fun to use – changing the crossing to be a key board, or by using a desire line – the crossing would go diagonally as most people cross diagonally to get nearer to their destination.

All these ideas were winners, and the Council hopes to develop them.

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