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Since 2008, we have published Edinburgh by Numbers every year. The report provides an accessible digest of statistics for potential investors, visitors, and people interested in understanding our city.
The 2015 edition includes data on Edinburgh and its residents across a number of themes

  • People
  • Quality of Life
  • Environment
  • Work
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Tourism
  • Travel
  • Connectivity
  • Property.

Key statistics for each of these themes are presented visually, with some information on trends over time, and comparison with national data and other cities. This year the publication makes the transition from hard copy to digital format. From May 2015 Edinburgh by Numbers will be available to download from the Council website with interactive links to source data. Some detailed datasets are available to download below.

Key messages from previous years

  • Over 2,700 new businesses were registered in Edinburgh during 2013
  • CO2 emissions in Edinburgh rose slightly in 2012, but remain well below the level recorded in 2005
  • Average disposable income in Edinburgh was estimated at £19,107 per household in 2012, higher than any other UK local authority outside London
  • Edinburgh remains an attractive location for overseas in-migration. Over 10,000 adult overseas nationals registered for work in Edinburgh during 2014, higher than any other Scottish local authority. Almost half came from other EU countries
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