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The Edinburgh People Survey a face-to-face survey where we ask people if they are satisfied with our services and how they feel about our performance. It is the largest survey of this kind in the whole of the UK. The most recent survey was in 2014, and you can download the results from our website. The data will be available here in summer 2015. At the moment we have published the data from 2011, 2012 and 2013, which covers around 15,000 interviews with Edinburgh residents. You can download this below.

What’s in the 2013 data set

Overall, we found that most residents were satisfied with the way we manag the city (74%) and its neighbourhoods (87%). We asked what would improve neighbourhood quality of life and road maintenance was mentioned most often. Tackling dog fouling, activities for children and young people, bin collections and street cleaning were also top priorities.

Every year we ask about our reputation on different issues. We ask if people agree that we

  • care about the environment
  • provide protection and support for vulnerable people
  • keep them informed
  • put our customers first
  • display sound financial management.

Data sets used to make this story

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